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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye, Hello

*Extra pounds
*Bad runs
Goodbye 2011

*Unconditional Love
*Love conquering all
*Hope for a future
*Fitness Goals
*5Ks and Half Marathon
*Quality vs Quantity
*Fresh Start
*Making a Difference
Hello 2012!!!

Out with the good, the bad and the ugly that 2011 had to offer. On to the anticipation of a great 2012!! I changed a lot in 2011. Some good, some bad. I became obssessed with getting married and became angry when rings and engagement didn't happen. I was frustrated with lack of time with friends. Jared and I argued more than I'd like to admit. I allowed black clouds of hurt, sadness and fear wash over me. I didn't fully enjoy all that God had placed in front of me.

Things will be different in 2012. I will be thankful for a man that loves me even when I am a monster. And yes babe, I was a monster at times. I will be thankful for the kind of love that only God can ordain in His perfect plan. A kind of love many hope for but never receive. I will look forward to the day I get to marry Jared, not count the days until it happens.

I will be thankful for the times I get to spend with my friends, not how much time. I will lose these extra pounds and I will keep them off. I will complete a half marathon. I may not run the whole thing but I will finish!

I will walk closer with God and dive deeper into His word. I will learn to be more like Jesus. To love like Him and react like Him.

These are not resolutions,they are lifestyle changes. Changes I want to see in myself. I want to be a better example for Christ and live my life to the fullest. I don't want to get caught up in the negative. I want to press on and achieve the positive. Not perfection, as I so often strive to do.

Here's to a better 2012. For all of us.