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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The 50/50 Plan Update: Week 3

This week didn't shape up exactly how I wanted it but I am ok with that. The important thing is consistency. Whether the numbers go down or not, I feel great and I know I am working hard. I still struggle with sugar cravings. Especially this week. PMS can really put a wrench in your healthy eating plan.

I am happy to say the sugar cravings are waaaaayyyy less than they used to be. I simply feel healthier and strong. I am loving it. So, the number isn't what I wanted but that's ok. I'm onto a new week and it is all about looking forward, not back.

Thank you , dear friends, for  your constant encouragement and support!

Week 3 :
Starting weight: 191.5
Ending weight: 191.3
Total weekly loss: 0.20

Total weight lost: 4.7 lbs

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