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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Peyton turned 4!

On January 8th, 2012 my youngest niece , Peyton, turn 4 years old. I am just wondering how she went from this tiny little bundle on the day of her birth:
 To this hip one year old :
 To this angelic 2 year old:
 And this cheesy 3 yr old (who was so sick on the day of her birthday party but kept smiling anyway!):
 And has ended up this 4 yr old little lady:
How is this possible????

Peyton, Auntie Shannon loves you so much! You crack me up every time I am with you. You come up with the most random and funny things to say, you still like to dance around my living room to music and take naps on my "big bed". You love your brother the way I love my brothers and that makes my heart so so happy. I love your hugs and giggles more than anything. You really really love your uncle Jared and often ask where he is if he isn't with me when I visit. happy 4th birthday sweet girl! Quit getting so big! :)
You favorite Auntie Shannon