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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ali's Surprise

Ali is my partner at work and a dear friend. She started with Cal Fire in 2008. She became my partner in 2009 when she was permanently moved to night shift. From the moment we met (about 6 months before she started w/ the department), we were instant friends.

Our working relationship is unique. We help each other without even talking. She will answer my radio when needed, I will call someone for her when she needs me to. All without asking the other person to do it. It is pretty amazing.

We work 12 hour shifts so we spend half of our week together. During that time you are most likely going to get to know the other person quite well.

We've celebrated birthdays, her wedding, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and all of the holidays in between. We've talked about relationships and counseled each other. We've cried tears when she filed for divorce and we've stood by each other through it all.

Ali has had a rough couple of years. She's faced a marriage that lacked love and respect. She's had medical problems and gone through a divorce. Through it all she put on her brave face and road the roller coaster of life. She is one of the most loving, caring, giving and kindest people I know. She will put others before herself. Even if that means she must go without. She's hugged me when I cried and squealed with me during the good times. We make dinner once a week for our work crew, watch the Bachelor, Lifetime movies, Biggest Loser etc.

Ali has never really had good birthdays. Her ex-Husband forgot every year. It made her sad but she would just go with it. This year I wanted it to be different for her. She's been through so much and deserved a good birthday. I got into my planning mode and planned a surprise birthday party for her. She thought she was going to our friend's house for a "House warming party".  I was terrified that she would figure it out but somehow we all kept the secret from her.

When she arrived, we all yelled "SURPRISE" and told her it was a birthday party for her. She was speechless and had tears in her eyes. That made all of the planning worth it. We laughed ( a lot!!), played Wii bowling (Ali kicked our butts) and had tons of food. It was a great night!

Happy Birthday, dear Ali. I hope you know how loved you are!
Mini Chocolate Cupcakes made by Becki!

A special signature drink for the birthday girl

Ice Cream Sundae bar for dessert!!!

The birthday girl and I

The "ladies of the night"... and clay

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