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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

As I was driving to celebrate Easter with Jared's family, I heard this story on KLOVE. It touched my heart in such a way, I can't even explain. Here's the true story told by a Sunday School teacher. I hope you take something away from it like I did:

" Phillip was in a Sunday school class at his church. He had a hard time fitting in with the other kids because he had Down Syndrome. The teacher wanted him to feel like part of the class so she went home and collected old panty hose eggs. The next Sunday she took the 10 plastic eggs she had collected and told the class she had an activity planned. They were told to find something outside that represented new life and put it in their egg. When they were all back inside, the teacher took the eggs and started opening them one by one. One had a flower and kids awe'd at it. Another had a lady bug and there were a lot of ooh's. Then the teacher opened an egg and it was empty. They kids started saying that someone did it wrong. Phillip tugged on the teacher's shirt and said 'I didn't do it wrong. The tomb was empty.' "

"Last year Phillip died. His family knew that he may not live a long healthy life. During his funeral, the sunday school teacher and a line of 8 year olds made their way up to the front and laid an empty plastic egg on his casket".

Happy Easter my friends. He is Risen!

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