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Saturday, December 6, 2008

I like to share

I decided to make a smoothie for dinner while I was at work the other night. I got kind of full so I just set the cup aside to wash before I went home. As the next dispatcher walked up to me to do a cross over, I stood up and grabbed my cup.

In one quick move my smoothie cup slipped out of my hand, poured the smoothie down my shirt, onto my pants..hit the floor. It made lots of splatters on the floor, cabinets, drawers, chairs... and much to my horror... the other dispatchers pants and shoes. It was everywhere!

I grabbed a mass amount of paper towels and attempted to clean up my mess. It is amazing how far it all splattered. The command center smelled fruity fresh for hours. And the other dispatcher.. what can I say.. I like to share :)

1 comment:

Penny said...

Ugh-You inherited that from me....sorry...I keep hoping we'll grow out of it :)