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Monday, December 1, 2008

I Love Lucy

This Thanksgiving took a few unexpected turns to say the least.

I have been totally on edge for the last few weeks knowing my BFF was due to have her little girl any day. Around 2:30am on Thanksgiving morning my phone finally rang with the upbeat tune of "Life is a Highway" and I jumped up like a pop tart fresh from the toaster. Now.. for those of you who know me there is absolutely no "jumping" out of bed in the mornings where I am concerned. My old roommate, Valerie, used to spring forth from her bed when her Rooster alarm clock went off EVERY morning while we lived together. It drove me crazy. (Love you Val).

I quickly got stuff together and high-tailed it to the hospital. Jess and Andrew got there a few minutes before I did. I couldn't believe I was there! I missed the birth of her other two and I was elated that I would be there this time.
It was a long morning full of walking the hallway with Jess. I think we had some of the best bonding time during our walks to and fro. I was constantly thanking God for the memories we were building at that moment. For weeks I had been telling her that I would be right by her side to be strong and hold her hand. During contractions Andrew or I would stand behind her and rub her back and let her work through the pain.

Towards the end I started to crumble a little. I couldn't handle seeing her in so much pain. It was ripping my heart out. At one point I almost stepped out of the room because it was almost too much for me to watch. Instead I just gave her my hand as silent tears rolled down my face.
When it came time for her to push I looked like a tourist with a still camera in my left hand, a video camera in my right hand and another still camera around my neck. I am surprised the pictures didn't come out blurry because I was shaking so much. Lord only knows what the video is like... it may just be of the ceiling. Sorry guys! Yet the whole time I stood strong for my friend telling her I could see her baby's head and that she was almost here.

I again had tears in my eyes when the doctor put this little girl on my friends chest. I stood there thinking how precious and priceless this moment was. How I will never think of November 27th the same. I will always remember watching my amazing friend deliver her baby girl. There are no words to describe what an incredible job Jessica did. Andrew was incredible too. He stood like a rock by her side the whole time, whispering in her ear how much her loved her and that she was doing great. Even now thinking of those moments makes me a little choked up. I will wait a lifetime to have love like that.
I love this little one so much. She may not be blood related but her and her brothers are just as much my niece and nephews as Alissa, Justen and Peyton are! So it is my pleasure to show off my newest "niece" Lucy Eden LaTour:


Montebear said...

Oh my what a sight!! Precious. Well Congrats to a new niece and Tell Andrew and Jessica Congrats as well.

Jessica Rae said...

YOU amaze me...

I'm thankful for you everyday. Love you ♥