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Monday, February 22, 2010

The Biggest Winner

The Biggest Loser has inspired people around America to get off their tushies and lose weight, eat better and exercise. I never really got into the show until last season when a former classmate from Vanguard University, Shay, was on the show. Although I am not close friends with Shay, I did chat with her a few times. I was inspired by her story.

Weight has always been a struggle for me. Last year I embarked on a weight loss journey and lost 34 pounds. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I have to admit though, I gave up. Towards the end I hit so many plateaus that I became frustrated and disappointed. I've since gained back 10 of those pounds and I feel down right.. yucky. I am still (mostly) ok with how I look but my body just feels a little off. I feel a bit sluggish and I am tired a lot.

A couple weeks ago I noticed a friends Facebook Status update was asking if anyone wanted to be part of a 6 week fitness challenge. The challenge is through my gym, Ramona Fitness Center. There are teams made up of 5 people each. The team that loses the largest percentage of body weight will win $2500.

I quickly jumped at the chance to be on the team. Sure, it would be nice to have $500 awarded to me but what I am really looking forward to is the motivation. This isn't just me now.. I have 4 other people depending on me. We have a facebook group where we leave comments/posts to eachother, encouragement, accountability. I am looking forward to this new challenge. So, first weigh in is today. I am nervous. I don't know why, but I am. I guess the scale at the gym is a little more intimidating than the one under the sink in my bathroom. Not to mention a whole lot more public. Yikes!

So, here's to a new journey with my team:
Weapons of Mass Reduction~
and trainer, Michael.

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