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Friday, February 5, 2010

I Love Hockey!

For Jared's birthday gift I planned a little trip to Anaheim.

We kicked off our mini-vacation by going to see Jared's favorite sports team: The Anaheim Ducks.

Trying to park at the Honda Center (Formerly known as the Anaheim Pond) made me feel like I was trapped ub National Lampoons European Vacation when they are stuck in the roundabout. 3 U-Turns later, we made it in.

We found our seats pretty quickly. Funny, I didn't think I ordered sky-box tickets! OK so maybe they weren't that high but good Lord they were pretty far up there! Clearly the seating chart on ticketexchange.com doesn't give you a clear picture on where your seats really are.
No only were the seats high but they were steep. Jared, being the loving boyfriend that he is, let me cut off the blood flow to his hand hold his hand until I calmed down and adjusted to the height from which we would be watching his beloved Ducks.

The guy next to Jared got increasingly drunk chatty throughout the night and the ,loud, obnoxious, know it all.. er uhhh.. character behind us seemed to have a great time bantering with said chatty cathy. The.Whole.Time. I have to say though.. it made for some entertaining eavesdropping.

Of course, what hockey game is complete without atleast one fight? Within in the first 5 minutes gloves came off, sticks and helmets were thrown to the side and 2 guys were in boxing stances ready to go for it. It was so cool!

Hands down, my favorite part was when the Ducks scored their first goal. Jared yelled,jumped out of his seat, and threw his hands in the air.Whoa whoa whoa!! Who is this man showing such excitement, joy. Such enthusiasm? Don't get me wrong, he isn't a stone cold individual. I've just never seen a reaction like that from him. I loved it. For the record, he had this reaction for all 3 goals the Ducks scored.

Final Score: Ducks 3, Redwings 1
By the way.. I'm gonna have to start watching more hockey! It was SO fun!

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