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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Karate Kid

A couple weeks ago my nephew, Justen, had his first karate Tournament. THIS auntie was beyond proud of him. This is the first thing in Justen's life that has put the spotlight on him in a good way. He has faced so many health problems in his short life and it was so awesome to see him so exxcited about this.

In the first round the did some moves and got scored based on how well they did them. There were two other kids in his group. He got the highest score out of all three of the kids. When he realized he won a gold medal in his first competition, he was beyond excited. So was I. I thought it may be rude to yell out "that's right ladies and gents...that MY nephew with the gold medal". Is that poor sportsmanship?:)

He had 2 more sections to do. One with weapons and one trying to break a board. He ended up with Silver medals from both of those competitions.
I loved watching my brother, Jim, with Justen. He got down and looked Justen in the eye and reminded him to stay focused, do his best but most of all had fun.

At the end, he wasn't able to break his board but he looked at us and said "but I had a lot of fun."
Hang onto that attitude my little man! You made "Tee Tee" very proud.

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