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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wild Animal Park

A few weeks ago Brian, Katie, Peyton, Jared and I went on an adventure to the Wild Animal Park.
First stop was the petting zoo. Those animals seemed a lot bigger when I was younger. Poor Katie was just trying to get food so Peyton could feed the deer like creatures but said creatures were just too impatient and ate it right out of the machine.

We saw the Lorakeets which I clearly loved. Can't you tell?

We got a great hike in while looking for the elephants. Unfortunately my brother is a man and didn't listen to his little sister. Instead of looking at the map at the top of the hill, he waited until we were at the bottom to see if we were going in the right direction. I'm sure his very pregnant liked that part. Of course to get to the elephants we had to go up the path that everyone else was walking down. I'm pretty sure every single one of those people walking down were thinking " haha suuuckkkeeerrrs!". regardless of the hike we saw the most adorable Baby Elephant.

Of course we saw Lions and Tigers and... oh wait, wrong story. We just saw the lions.
And what place isn't fun without a small area to let your kids run loose and get soaked.

Peyton was all about seeing the giraffes, and the gorillas and.. well, you get the point.
Of course they have photo spots through out the park so brian, katie and peyton climbed behind one for their kodak moment. Peyton, being the 2yr old that she is took it quite literally when brian told her to put her head in the hole. She quickly put the top of her head in the hole. With a little direction, she finally put her face in the hole.

It was a very fun day. I leave you with a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

I think someone had an extra fun (and tiring) day.

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Jessica said...

Your love for the lorakeets made me laugh. Alot. You crack me up.