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Friday, March 26, 2010


If anyone out there thinks Chivalry is dead, they haven't met my boyfriend. He opens every door for me, carries bags of groceries or boxes, makes me dinner and the kicker.. takes off his jacket on the Disneyland Tram and covers me with it so I don't get cold on the way to the car.

I have a big slight independent side and some of this was hard to swallow at first. I kept the " I can do it myself" attitude for a while but it is slowly going down the tube. I have to say though... I kind of like that. I like being taken care of and I feel like he shows how much he respects me by doing these not so little things.

Sometimes I feel like we become complacent in our relationships. This is simply an observation. I am by no means an expert on dating or relationships. After a long time together, doors don't get opened, bags don't get carried etc. Why do we eventually stop doing these little things for eachother? I hope Jared always opens the door for me and carries bags for me. Not because I am incapable of doing those things or because I feel like he should be superior over me but because I feel respected and taken care of.

I hope I can always show Jared respect. I hope I never stop picking up a random packs of his favorite gum, stocking my refrigerator with his favorite soda, making him dinner or rubbing his back. I hope I can always think beyond myself and do something nice for him every day. Nothing extravagent. Just simple things that remind him how appreciated he is and how thankful I am to have him in my life.

So, dear readers (all 3 of you) I challenge you to pick one person in your life and do/say something nice to them every day over the next week. That may or may not be buying gifts for someone. An extra hug, a card, a random "hey hope you're having a good day" text or voicemail will do the trick. Give it a shot. Look beyond your busy life, your bad day and your pride. It's hard but it can be done. I've already chosen my person.. how about you?


Penny said...

I am SO very thankful that God put Jared in your life, and you in his. You're a match made in Heaven, no doubt about it. Love you both! :)

Melissa Ansley said...

Whether you have 3 readers or 3 thousand, I love reading your blog!