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Friday, April 9, 2010

Miracle Baby

I wonder how many of you panicked when you read the title and saw the ultra sound picture :). Chill out peeps, its not me! Good grief. I am pretty sure my mom is going to show up at my door in 30 seconds and beat me for that little start.

This little one belongs to my friends Tom and Desiree. I met Tom at Vanguard University. When he started dating Des, she came to Vanguard to visit and stayed in my dorm room. We clicked immediately. So, a couple years later when she decided to move to Orange County, we became roommates. She was an incredible roommate and we had sooooo much fun together!
Fast foward to 2004 when her and Tom got married. They moved to Bakersfield and planned on starting a family a couple years later. But things didn't going according to their plans.

It is funny how our plans are not always God's plans. He does things or allows things that we may not ever understand. Getting pregnant has not come easy for my dear friends. In fact, at times it seems that there has been more heartbreak than joy. Despite all they have faced, their faith has stayed strong and they have continued to press on. This is their third IVF implant. Desiree is 6 weeks along and everything looks great.

Yesterday Jared and I were able to meet up with them in Carlsbad for lunch. They were dying to meet Jared. They have seen me face plenty of heartbreak and they are overjoyed that God has blessed me with such an incredible man. We had a great time chatting and sharing memories.

I am so excited for my friends. I don't even know if "excited" is even the right word. I have to admit though, there is about 1% of me that is still a little nervous. I am praying that this baby holds on to its mommy. I don't want to see my friends face another loss. They are really amazing people and will be fantastic parents.

So my dear friends and readers, please please please PLEASE pray for Tom, Desiree and baby Vigo. Pray this baby sticks, that it grows perfectly and that we see this little ones face sometime in November or December. Pray hard people!

Congratulations Tom and Desiree! I love you both so much!

1 comment:

Penny said...

LOL...your mom's not going to show up on your doorstep...I'll call first ;)
LOL...I knew it wasn't you-for obvious reasons, and also the fact that I already knew that Tom & Desiree are pregnant...and will definitely keep them in my prayers.