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Sunday, April 18, 2010


I would like to know whose bright idea it was to make one way streets. These are the enemy of directionally challenged people. Namely, me. I've never driven downtown much and yesterday I remember why.

I joined Jared and his family at the Lyceum Theater to watch his cousin, Casey, in "The Wiz". I had to leave from the show and go directly to work so I didn't have my trusty navigator Jared with me. His directions were simple... " make a right on 4th and a Left on Gst. That will take you to the 94". Honestly, directions can't get easier than that. Unless you are me.

Feeling confident that could get to work ontime, I left the parking garage, made a right onto what I thought was 4th and eased on down the road. I passed E st. Thinking I was moving through the alphabet, I was expecting F to be next and G after than. What I saw next was Broadway (first red flag), then another street. I continued on for a couple more blocks and was greeted with C st (second red flag) then B st.. At this point I knew I was lost and there was a good chance I would never get out of downtown.

I made a left, hoping I would run into a street that would look familiar. I did. Yay! Unfortunately that street took me to the 5 so I had yet another dilema. 5 North or 5 South? I figured if I went North I would be able to find atleast one other freeway I was familiar with but if I went South, I had a 95% chance of ending up in Tijuana.

I called work to inform them I would be quite a bit later than expected. When I begged for directions talked to Nick , he asked me where I was. I told him and he simply says "5 NORTH?!Wow, you're way off.". Thanks buddy. Longer story a touch shorter... I made it to the 8 then 125 and eventually got to work.

Jared says I am no longer allowed to drive to or from downtown without him.


Jessica said...

Downtown & one way streets are my definition of hell on earth.

Penny said...

Oh. honey. I am so...sorry....without a doubt...you are your mother's daughter....will be praying for you! ;)

Anonymous said...

should've called me girl! You know that my home :) Abby