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Monday, April 12, 2010


Last Thursday Jared and I went to the Carlsbad Strawberry Fields. Oh Yum!

We decided to buy the most ginormous bucket offered and fill it to the brim (and then some) with wonderful, fresh, sweet, juicy strawberries. Seriously folks, best strawberries you will ever taste!

I'm new to this whole strawberry picking thing so I wasn't sure if I should dive over step over the row of strawberries to get to the the other good looking ones in the next row (before the little girl in that row got there first) or walk to the end and move up to the entrance of the new row.

I decided to just step over the row. Being graceful as I am, I stepped over and the moment my foot touched the dirt on the other side, it went out from under me. I stumbled backwards and half slid down the row of strawberries behind me. Trying not to destroy the plant competely, I put my hand down to catch myself. What I also caught was an overly ripe and slightly dying strawberry.. with my hand. Squish. So gross. As if that wasn't enough, my foot slipped out of my flip flop and squished a nice juicy strawberry that was minding its own business on the ground.
Eh oh well. Jared had our strawberry bucket safey in his hands so none of ours were damaged by this process. It was a beautiful day and I am definitely going back to get more strawberries. Anyone want to tag along?

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Penny said...

Oh those berries were SOOO yummy! Thx for sharing! :)