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Friday, September 3, 2010

It's here!

Football Season. Finally.

It feels like amount of time between the end of last season and the beginning of this season moved along slower than molasses rolls down hill. It has been agony waiting for my favorite past time sport to come back around/ Not only am I ready to watch the Bolts power through this new season with a new Running Back but I am ready for a little family competition too!

King Pigskin Fantasy Football is back!

A couple weeks ago we gathered around our cheat sheets.

Brian fancied things up with an "official" draft board with sticker name and everything.

We drew our draft order numbers and began piecing together our teams.

 I am even taking a chance on the new Chargers Running Back. Don't let me down Mr Mathews!

Here's the Line up:

Manager: Brian
Place Stats: 2008: First Place Champion
                  2009: 9th Place

"Baby Ballers"
Manager: Katie
Place Stats: 2008: 3rd Place
                  2009:  5th Place

Manager: Jimmy
Place Stats: 2008: 4th Place
                  2009:  3rd Place

"Guam Bomb"
Manager: Jessica:
Place Stats: 2008: 5th Place
                  2009:  4th Place

"Ground Breakers"
Manager: Jim aka Dad aka the old guy
Place Stats: 2008: 6th Place
                  2009: Current Reigning Champion

Manager: me
Place Stats: 2008: 9th place
                  2009: Current Last Place Champion

"Quack Attack"
Manager: Jared
Place Stats" The new guy!

Manager: Brian H.
Place Stats: 2008: 8th Place
                  2009: 7th Place

"Gingy Snaps"
Manager: Summer
Place Stats: 2008: 7th Place
                  2009: 2nd Place

"Hot Tamales"
Manager: Jason
Place Stats: 2008: Unknown 
                  2009: 6th Place

"Blue Crush"
Manager: Mindi
Place Stats: 2008: Unknown
                  2009: 8th Place

Let the games begin!!

1 comment:

Penny said...

LOL...it'll be funny to see what kind of 'bashing' and 'trash talk' happens this year :)