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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Farmer's Market

Everyone is always trying to save a buck, especially me. I carefully look at each grovery store add to find the best deals. A lot of times those sale items are not things I normally buy, they are still too expensive or they don't fit into my semi-healthy eating lifestyle.

I can rarely win with produce. I buy it and it goes bad within a couple day. It is frustrating and a waste of money (sometimes). I've heard locally/organic grown produce lasts longer. So, I thought I would give the Ramona Farmer's Market a whirl. I'd never been to a farmer's market but I know others that have. I hear nothing but good things.

I high tailed it to Collier Park, where our Farmer's market is, and immediately I was slightly disappointed. 6 booths. That's it? Only one of those booths held any sort of produce. There was a bread stand (against diet rules!! run away! run away!), a knife sharpening stand, fresh squeezed , plants, cookie lee jewelry (uh huh?), and produce. That's it.

Honestly, I was expecting more. Nuts, fruits, vegetables, bread, etc. I am sure that this is true for most Farmer's Markets. Unfortunately, not this one.

I wonder, are there any good Farmer's Markets in San Diego where I can score some good deals?

It wasn't a total loss. I did get a few pieces of fruit and some squash.


Debra LaTour said...

Yeah, I haven't had good luck at farmers markets either. I like buying local produce at jimbo's in 4s ranch and Barrons in RB. last week barrons had these really good organic red bartlett pears from julian. its usually much more reasonably priced than at farmers markets too. costco also has a few organic produce items for really cheap (spinach, carrots) and there are also certain items that it doesn't matter if u buy organic or not cause they don't use a lot of pesticides, like bananas and avocados. oh and trader joes has some good organic produce too for a great price! hope that helps! ; )

thenewjk said...

Jess and I use to go to the Escondido Farmer's Market. It is every Tuesday afternoon on Grand between Juniper and Kalmia. Talk to Jess, I am sure she would go with you.

Joshie's Sweetie said...

Go to google and type in San Diego Farmers Markets and it shoul take you to a web site that shows when and where all the farmers markets are in San Diego. I have been wanting to go to the one at the rancho bernardo winery. Hope it helps!

MammaMcC said...

You would LOOOOVVVEEEE the farmer's market her in Flint. Great produce!!! Hope you find one there that makes you happy. PS I think I visited one in Escondido before we moved out there that was nice.