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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 75

I've been wanting new couches forever. I've had the same little and old love seat for the last 8 years (it was old when I got it!) and a black leather couch for probably 4 years or so. Both have served their purpose but it was time for them to retire. Jared hated the black couch. He's naturally warm so sitting on a leather couch, even during the winter, made him feel like it was the middle of summer. Poor guy.

My friend, Kristina, kept posting on facebook that they were selling their two couches. I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it. Then talked to Jared. And thought about it some more. I finally decided that the price was too good to be true and I know they are in great condition. So I dove in and bought them.

Jared and Josh loaded them into the van , while I snuggled up to baby Ben, then Jared and I unloaded them and brought them into my apartment. They fit perfectly, match my decor and are so incredibly comfortable!

Kristina warned me that if I lay down on them, there is a 99% chance I would fall asleep. Sure enough Thursday night I fell asleep on the couch until about 1 am. Guess she was right. Thank You Josh and Kristina for my lovely new couches. I love them.

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Jessica said...

Those are some smooshy, comfy couches! Glad they're staying in the family ; )