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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bitter and Sweet

People's actions often confuse me. I look for the best in people, hope for the best, think positive and encourage. More often than not that opens me up to getting hurt. Why do I still do it then? Honestly, I have no idea except that this is simply who I am. I will always be the person you can turn to in a crisis. I will always be your cheerleader and a shoulder to cry on.

Over the past few weeks I have been interested in a guy. We've talked a lot and flirted some. It seemed different this time. The effort he was putting in, the nice things he said. I had hope. Hope that maybe, just maybe, he would be the one to break the 7 1/2 yr dateless stretch. Hope that we would continue to hit it off and I would have a date for a Murder Mystery Dinner at the end of the month. Hope we would hang out on our days off and ease the lack luster solo movie nights. Hope for an occasional "good morning" text. Kind of silly things.. but I opened myself up to it. Last night the hope was once again taken away. He's not looking for a relationship.

I didn't mention him to anyone really. Simply because everyone gets so excited and I hate having to bear the bad news that it isnt going to work out. So I am sorry to those that are just learning about him for the first time. I just didn't want to get your hopes up either. Him and I will remain friends. He's kind, honest and a hard worker.

On with the sweet though... Seems the doll cake I made for a co-worker has caused quite a stir in the Command Center. They all decided I need to start a cake business. I don't desire to do it full time but slowly my name is getting passed around by word of mouth. Over the next 3 months I am making 5 cakes. Katie's birthday cake next week, a fire fighter helmet birthday cake also next week, a planes, trains and automobiles baby shower cake the following week and 2 wedding cakes in May. I do enjoy making the cakes but what I think I enjoy the most are the reactions. People are excited when they ask me to do a cake. I must say I am very excited about the next 5 cakes I have designed. Especially the wedding cakes! Both are very different from anything I have ever done but I know they are going to be beautiful. I can picture them in my mind. The two brides seem overjoyed by what I have come up with. A fun tidbit is that I am getting paid for 3 of the cakes. One of the wedding cakes is a gift to my cousin, Juliette. The other bride refuses to let me do it as a gift and insists on paying. I just have no idea how much to charge! In a bakery, the cake I am making for her would easily run around $600 dollors.. and thats on the cheap side! I told her I would think about it and get back to her. And for those of you who don't know.. it doesn't cost nearly that much to make the cake!!! Talk about hiking up the price! Whew.

I have toyed with the idea of making up some kind of business card to set next to these cakes. Of course I have my cake blog http://thecandidcakelady.blogspot.com so I think I will run with the "Candid Cke Lady" theme... what do you think?


Brian said...

I love that even when you are bummed, you turn in to the eternal optimist. So many cliches would fit here,but let's make up our own. You're a treasure undiscovered, and rich will be the soul who's map leads to you. Hey thats pretty good! lol. I like your candid cake lasy theme. And business cards might not be a bad idea just to see what happens. And if you start getting more cake jobs, you could also consider a partner to help with smaller parts or jobs. You just might be on to something. Luv Ya Sis

Brian said...

candid cake laDy* lol

Melissa Ansley said...

You make me hungry for cake.

Jessica Rae said...

How about..

For Goodness Cake
Bake Me a Cake

Hmm. The cakes you make are delicious!!!

Carrie said...

hang in there,you are a lovely and WONDERFUL woman! Just like you told me, don't settle. It's not worth it :)

On the cake side, I think it's a GREAT idea! You enjoy it SO much, and they turn out truly beautiful :)
Go for it! You can get free business cards online... www.vistaprint.com Niki did for her baby dula business and they turned out nicely. just a thought. Remember that you are loved!

TJLoop85 said...

The days will get better, someone is out there for you...

On a lighter note, I'd love to see some wedding cakes that you have done. It would be great if you would post some pics on your blog!