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Friday, February 6, 2009

Step Knee, Step Touch, one more time!

Today I ventured slightly out of my comfort zone at the gym. I went to the step combo class. I arrived early to stretch and figure out what exactly to do. The instructor walked in and introduced herself. Maybe I had that "fresh meat" sense about me. She was super nice and told me what to expect. I grabbed the step thingy and set it up on the floor. I was a bit concerned though... the floor is slick and the step thingy (not exactly sure what it is called) wasn't staying put.

We started off with a warm-up and I was spent just doing that. Then the real work began. We actually had to use the step thingy. Step, turn, cross over.. huh? wait wait wait. .. go back, how do you do that again? I didn't feel so bad because people who have been in the class for weeks didn't even have it down. I kept up pretty good. I had a good time and really worked up a sweat.

Much to my surprise (and I am sure everyone else's) I didn't trip.. not even once! Straight out miracle I tell you! That step thingy was sliding all over the place. I learned that next time I need to put a workout mat under it for next week. That's right folks.. hook, line and sinker.. they got me. I will be a member of the class. I loved it.

On a side note.. weigh in number 2 was this morning. Lost 4 lbs this week!!!!! Thats a total of 5lbs in 2 wks.

5 down, 45 to go! Yay!

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Penny said...

Whoa! You go girl! And am SO proud of you that you didn't slip, fall, or trip either!! LOLOL....love you-congratulations!