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Friday, July 10, 2009

Dating?What's that?

This dating thing is a foreign concept to me. I've barely been on one date with a guy let alone 4.. But I have to say I am having a great time.
Last night Jared took me to his favorite place in downtown San Diego.. The Mandarin House. Now, when people have a favorite place they like to eat they generally hype up the food. This was certainly the case w/ Jared. He couldn't stop talking about it. Honestly, I assumed it would just be ok or pretty good food. Well I must say.. it was hands down the best chinese food I have ever had! EVER!

The chopstick lessons weren't too bad. Well..they weren't too good either. I only flung a little bit of rice on the table. Poor Jared tried and tried to show me where to place my fingers on the chopsticks but my fingers just don't move that way. I even tried to follow the direction that are on the wrapper but it was no use. Just when I thought I had it he would say "they aren't supposed to criss-cross like that" or "umm you have to bend your finger so the stick moves and you can pick up the food" or "no you can't just scoop it like using a spoon". He was chowing down and I was still trying to get just one piece of chicken to my mouth. Finally he said I could use my fork. THANKS! Every now and then I would pick up the chopsticks and try again. Apparently I was concentrating pretty hard because I would hear chuckling coming from the other side of the table. Clearly I am chopstick retarded.

We went to mission beach after dinner and walked around. I haven't laughed so much in a while. He already knows that I sometimes lack grace and coordination. So when I suggested walking towards the jetty he looked at me like "right.. take YOU, of all people, out on sharp rocks that jet out into a large body of water while you are wearing flip flops?!" So he opted for the safer version of sitting on rocks near the lagoon type area.. a safe distance from the water.

Did you know that the speed limit along the sidewalk at mission beach is 8mph? Good to know for all those people the speedometers on their bicycles and skateboards... Who knew dating could be fun AND educational!


Penny said...

I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful time with Jared!

Anonymous said...

ok super excited for you! Where in the heck is the mandrian house in downtown? Scott is picking me up from the airport thursday night and we wanted to do chinese for dinner but I didn't know of any good places down by my place. Abby