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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Scoop

I know some people feel completely out of the loop on what is going on with my life.. for that I must apologize. I've worked almost 2 weeks straight so as time went on the less sleep I got. I feel like so much has happened. I know all anyone really cares about at this moment is the new Guy in my life. :)

Here's a re-cap. An Engineer w/ Cal Fire got married in April. Him and his new bride asked me to do the cake for the party they were throwing in June. The engineer told me he wanted me to meet his step son. Between the months of april and june I had a guy say some not-so-nice things to me and it hurt a lot. Eventually I just became what I like to call "boy bitter". I basically felt every man (yes even you dad) was scum and I seriously disliked all of them. At that point I had no desire to meet any of the guys that people had mentioned to me.

I was briefly introduced to Jared at the party then promptly avoided him like the plague the rest of the day. Although.. I did think he was really cute.. BUT he was a guy, therefore he was a jerk. He emailed me on facebook that night. He told me he was sorry he didn't get the chance to talk to me at the party but he definitely wanted to get to know me.

We started talking more and he asked me to coffee for the following wednesday. It was a long wait til wednesday and the nerves almost got the best of me on wednesday morning. All nerves were gone once I got there. Well , maybe not ALL of them. I did knock my tea off the arm of my chair and it landed in my lap. Thankfully it was upright when it landed..

Thursday we went on a picnic at a park near my work. It was a relaxing few hours under a big shade tree. We talked, laughed, joked. It felt very comfortable and like I have known him forever.

We have talked every day since and I made him dinner last night. It was my first attempt at a homemade lasagna. I think it turned out pretty good. Only a few minor mishaps along the way.
Before he got here I was doing stuff in the kitchen and smacked my forehead on the corner of the cupboard. I had a nice little bump by the time he got here. While opening the salad dressing I squeezed the bottle a little too hard and a glob fell on the counter... To which he laughed and said "way to go". After cleaning up that small mess I attempted to get the tongs out of the utensil holder on the counter. Apparently they were burried under every other utensil in the container because I had to take all of them out just to get the tongs. Of course the stack of utensils on the counter didn't go unnoticed so I got a "everything ok over there?" and a chuckle. As if that hadn't been enough I started tossing the salad w/ the said tongs and flung salad across the counter. He had no words that time. Just lots of laughter. What a way to make an impression..
Just after that he said "just dont drop the lasagna". It was at that point I decided to leave the lasagna on the counter instead of taking it to the table.

It was a relaxing evening chatting and watching a movie. Tonight he is taking me to his favorite place to eat downtown, The Mandarin House. Yes folks.. a chinese food place..where he INSISTS I use chopsticks. aww man! Look how big salad tongs are and I can't even do that gracefully.. chopsticks + rice + shannon= disaster

more stories to come..

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Jessica Rae said...

...and that's why I love you.