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Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Track 5"

Jared and I went to see Ice Age 3 tonight.. super cute and funny movie. We were standing by my car in the parking lot talking when some random guy starts talking to us. On the inside I felt like Sid from the movie when he went running and screaming "stranger danger! stranger danger!". The following conversation ensued:
Stranger: "Hey are you guys boyfriend and girlfriend?"
(followed by an awkward silence from both of us because we haven't talk about that yet. Plus we didn't know this person)
Stranger: How about I sing you guys a song.
Me: Umm No thank you
Stranger: Do you guys like love songs?
Me: No thats ok
Stranger: Do you guys like hip hop/rap?
Jared: No not really
Stranger: Come on just give me 30 seconds. Just Track 5.
(again silence from us since this guy was persistent)
Stranger: (starts rapping ..words that I cant remember except a few) blah blah blah, whining and bitching, blah blah blah breaking my heart, blah blah blah all your games"
Me (to jared): Yeah nice love song.
Stranger: blah blah.. continues rapping
Me: Um I think it's been more than 30 seconds
Stranger: (starts to stomp away) What ever, you guys don't appreciate art.. blah blah blah

He left and I started cracking up. Jared and I both laughed SO hard. The jokes rolled on and on.. especially when we saw the guy walk up to some teenage girls. We decided after he had a bad run with Track 5 with us, he was probably going to try track 6 or 7 on them. :) We thought about making the guy a myspace page. His title being "Random Parking Lot Rapper" and of course the featured track on the page would be "Track 5". I even offered to take a picture with my phone and upload it to the page.


Debra LaTour said...

haha... that's the best. i bet u guys got a great laugh out of that!

Melissa Ansley said...

That is funny. I can see how it would be awkward though! Maybe it will spring a conversation.... :)

Jessica Rae said...