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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Lord have mercy Summertime has arrived! Can we go back to last week when things were in the 80s? Please?
Summer and I have a love-hate relationship. I love the longer days, the cooling down of the evening where you can finally open the windows, feel the breeze and take a breath without feeling like you are going to suffocate. I love the BBQs, the smell of charcoal (yes, I'm weird), the watermelon and strawberries, watching my nieces and nephews play in sprinklers or in the pool, bonfires and roasting marshmallows. All that said, I hate the constant sweating, hot steering wheels and blazing hot sun that seems to beat down on you even when you think you are in the shade. I'm pasty white. I burn easily.
Have some mercy Mr. Sun! I work at NIGHT for crying out loud. These legs and arms don't see you very often. I hear people saying how they were "kissed" by the sun. I have never been kissed by you Mr. Sun. I usually get a strong "twap" across the face, arms, legs, feet, neck, back.. ease up a bit will you?


Penny said...

Ugh, I hate summertime...give me Fall, Winter or Spring ANY time...but I keep reminding myself that we are NOT in the desert areas like AZ,NV,UT, NM...I'll take SoCal's summer any day of the week if given the choice...maybe get a wondow shade for your car, it really does help. At least it helps keep the steering wheel from giving you second degree burns when you touch it :/

DRILL-SGT said...

Stay hot Sun! Bring us your rays!