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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Coffee, Starbucks and Holiday Goodness

Over the years I've learned to enjoy a good cup of coffee. It started with breakfast at Denny's with my brother, Brian. I watched him add a packet or two of sugar and I asked if that made it taste better. His reply: "Not really. Now it just sort of tastes like dirt w/ a little bit of sugar in it". I'd venture a taste here and there but really started to dive into the real stuff when my best friend, Jessica, and I would go for occasional coffee dates or drink a "cup of joe" while hanging out at her house. I developed her philosophy of having a little bit of coffee with my creamer.
Coffee dates with Jessica have continued and I love them. It is priceless time with my best friend and her little ones. We frequent Big Apple Bagels because the Starbucks in ramona leave a little to be desired.. being in a grocery store and all.

I always found it amazing when someone walked into Starbucks and the Barista or Counter person would know their name and drink of choice. I mean really? You go to that particular Starbucks that often? So often that you get your very own Cheers-like "NORM!" greeting? Wow. Someone needs to get out more.

Jared and I frequent the same starbucks atleast twice a week. We meet there before date nights or church. A couple weeks ago it happened. The lady at the counter, Glenda, acknowledged us by name. Oh.Dear.God. She knows our names! Maybe it is time to find a new starbucks...

On a side note, if you don't live near a starbucks(is that possible these days?) or don't have the time to see your favorite Starbucks employee, check out this holiday goodness at your local grocery store:


Jessica said...

Oh my word. I had Peppermint Mocha this week & it's simply awesome. I heart our coffee dates, too ;-)

Melissa Ansley said...

As a former Starbucks employee, I should tell you that there are staff meetings that are revolved around getting to know people's names. It's one of their things.