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Saturday, November 14, 2009


I just finished making, delivering and cutting the cake for the Grand Opening of the new Ramona Station 82. The cake was a huge success. On a whim I came back home, grabbed some business cards and set them on the desk in the stations' office. One of the slick firefighters decided to put them on the table by the cake. I probably took about 10-15 cards with me and there were none left when I came home. Crazy! One of the Battalion Chiefs asked me to make a couple cakes for their Union Hospitalty Night that is coming up December 5th.

I feel honored that people from work are hiring me to do these cakes. It is one thing to bake cookies and brownies for them but it is a whole other ball game when it comes to designing and making these cakes. I put my heart into each one and it is nice to get positive feedback.

I am definitely blessed.

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