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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm Struggling

16 lbs still to go.. I feel like I have been stuck at this forever. I'm on the verge of giving up. Never in my life have I been a quitter. But do I have the fight left in me? Do I have the drive to keep going? I'm not so sure anymore. I'm struggling with the having the time to work out. I'm ignoring the healthy choices on the menu and going for the good stuff. What has changed? Part of me just wants to take a week and work out like a mad woman like they do on the Biggest Loser. Maybe lose that 16 pounds in one week.

Now.. before you all start yelling at me about healthy weight loss.. I dont actually plan on losing 16 pounds in one week! That definitely wouldn't be smart. It would just be easy..

I'm not sure where my motivation has gone and I am disappointed in myself for slacking off. I still get in one, maybe two good workouts a week but that's not enough to bring off the pounds.
I don't want to hear the cliche's about "don't focus on the pounds, focus on the inches" or "focus on the healthy lifestyle and not the weight loss". Yah.. I get that. That doesn't change the goal I set 10 months ago that I have not achieved. Grrr

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Penny said...

Well, I don't really have any words of 'wisdom' for you, but what I CAN say is that I am SO proud of what you've accomplished so far. You've come a LONG way in the past 10 months, and I admire your strength and determination. Please don't beat yourself up ok? You are NOT a quitter. Never have been, and your motivation WILL return. This is just a 'bump in the road', and you will clear that 'bump'. I've heard it said that the last few pounds are the hardest to lose. I'm going to be praying for you honey. You WILL achieve that goal! Don't let the disappointment in yourself fester I love you.