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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving..Day 1

I cannot say enough about how wonderful my Thanksgiving(s) were this year. The day started out perfect. I got off work and got a short nap before meeting Jared for coffee. We lingered at Starbucks for an hour or so before heading to his Grandma's house. It was nice soaking up that quiet time with the man that has stolen my heart.

Then the festivities began..

We stopped at his Grandma's house for a little bit and visited then it was off to Uncle Pete's house. We walked up to the door and were greeted by this sign:
For whatever reason I found this hilarious.
The table was set in the dining room and I swear, it was right out of a Martha Stewart magazine! :

It was beautiful.
Pete was slaving away in the kitchen while the rest of us relaxed outside on the patio. Once we sat down to dinner I was sure something disasterous would happen. I mean.. a table full of glass objects and open flame? That has potential written all over it. Much to my surprise (and Jared's) I didn't flub up. I didn't catch the table on fire by knocking over a candle. I didn't spill my wine and destroy the beautiful tablecloth. I didn't drop the bowl of mashed potatoes on the floor. There was one moment where I needed gravy but I didn't ask for it right away. You see, the gravy had already been passed and I had a little but I wanted some for my turkey. I actually waited an additional 5 minutes before asking Jared to pass it to me. I knew the first time had gone without mishap and I was afraid I wouldn't be so lucky the second time. I had an interior debate on how much I actually needed more gravy. In the end I asked for it, poured it and gave it back. Easy as that! Wow!

After dinner we sat around and chatted more, watched a little football and sipped on coffee. I shared my Caramel Apple Pie recipe with Aunt Allison. There was a ton of laughter and light-hearted chit chat. It was a beautiful day with people that I love like my own family. I am so thankful for each of them. They have opened their hearts and homes to me. I am truly blessed!

The Cutest Couple Ever:

Matt (Jareds brother) and his Girlfriend, Lisa

Kasey and Michael (Cousins)

Allison and Pete


Unfortunately I didn't get pictures of a few people :( Next time I will!

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