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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving.. Day 2

My family celebrates holidays when everyone nis available. Sometimes that means Christmas a week late or Thanksgiving the day after. This year it happens that we celebrated Thanksgiving the day after. It was our biggest celebration yet. I think we had about 25-30 people. It was crazy but so much fun.

I think we went way a tad overboard with the food though. Not keeping in mind that everyone generally takes a smaller portion of each dish, we all made double. Of everything. Two hams, two turkeys, three dishes of stuffing, two kinds on cranberry sauce, two kinds of rolls, two dishes of green bean casserole..you get the point. Needless to say there was a little bit of left overs ;)

Of course no holiday is complete without a sufficient amount of embarassing comments made by my loving and adoring older siblings. Once again, thanks for making me turn bright red multiple times in one evening. I am sure everyone (but me) enjoyed that.

From what I can remember I didn't do anything too clumsy or crazy. Multiple kids fell in the mud but I managed to stay away from that portion of the back yard. A miracle, I know. It was a fantastic day. I love my family and all of our get togethers. We may be a little crazy but we have so much fun!

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