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Monday, December 21, 2009

I've Been Had..

Baking Day. That's all it was supposed to be. The King Family women and some close friends. The boys would come by after a few hours of baking and "taste test" to make sure everything was up to par. Simple, right?

Homemade twix were done, cake balls were in the refrigerator cooling, toffee on the stove was well on its way to "hard crack" status. So there I was, minding my own business and watching a pot of sugary and buttery goodness start to boil.

When from the doorway arose with a clatter I turned around to see what was the matter. A brother with cake and candles, a boyfriend with balloons and hats and another brother with pizza and even more people in tow to boot. My first though? Oh.Dear.God.

From there everything was a blur. The guys rushing at me, people shouting "Surprise" and I think some people started singing "Happy Birthday". I honestly don't know everything that was going on. Jared slapped this stupid lovely hat on top of my head. I tried to be a good sport. You can tell from my face just how much I loved that birthday hat...
I was trapped in the corner trying desperately to blow out trick candles...
and inhaling smoke from said trick candles...
Did I mention they used trick candles?
Cuz they did.
Thanks for that big brothers. I must say they got what was coming to them though. Those candles would NOT go out. Brian had to grab a wet towel and Jimmy was trying to put out the flames with his fingers.
I quickly ditched the Birthday hat and finished up the toffee and cake balls. Before I knew it cards and gifts were handed to me and of course the hat was back. I had to wear that g-a-w-d aweful thing while I opened my gifts.
The guys don't look proud of themselves at all for pulling this off, do they.
The best part for everyone is that I was the one that sent out the invitations to the Holiday Baking Party and I organizer who was going to bring what appetizers. In the end I sent out my own birthday party invites and made food for my own party. Real funny. I'm still laughing. Really, I am.
They got me good this year. All joking aside, I am so thankful for a family that loves me enough to plan such a great party. Thanks everyone! It was a great day indeed.

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Penny said...

It.Was.PRICELESS. And SOOO much fun :)