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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mix Ups

I've been thinking about making my honey a fleece tie blanket for some time now. It gets horrifically cold in his room and what better way to warm up than a soft, snuggly blanket from your significant other. Right? Glad we are in agreement on that.

When I was visiting him last week I noticed a fleece tie blanket laying on a ottoman. I knew I hadn't made it so I asked who made it for him. Much to my dismay it was from an ex-girlfriend. If you know anything about me you know I am not a terribly jealous person. Most everyone has an ex out there and it's no big deal, really. This, however, was not my exact opinion at that moment. Truthfully, had she been in the room I probably would have clawed her eyes out. Hey, don't judge me.. I am sure she is a perfectly nice person (yet clearly lacking some intelligence for letting this amazing man go). I just hated the fact that he has a blanket from her. To him it is simply one way to stay warm during the winter. Although I do fear(stupid self esteem issues) deep down that he thinks about her when he is using it. My "thinking about" making him a blanket went straight to " I need to get to JoAnns ASAP for some fleece". I told him he didn't have to get rid of it. Instead I offered some alternatives:
1) I will make two new blankets and burn that one
2) He can use it but the blanket I make has to be between him and that blanket
3) Give it to the dog... I'm sure he is cold this winter too

I did make it to JoAnns to pick out some better looking than that stupid blanket new fleece for blankets. Sometimes you need a second opinion when picking this stuff out. Choosing fabric isn't quite choosing an answer on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. The whole Phone a Friend option doesn't work. The only option is engaging in conversation with random strangers. Heidi (yes, we were on a first name basis) and I threw ideas back and forth for a while. I headed to the cut table and grabbed a number. Being in the holiday spirit I grabbed a second number for my new fleece searching friend. I went back and handed it off to her then waited for my number to be called. Of course now that Heidi and I were old friends we did everything together. Waited in line, chatted and found out we have some mutual friends, shared fleece colors and they even cut our fleece at the same time. Funny as it is we also checked out at the same time.

My total was a bit higher than I had mentally calculated so while I was walking to my car I was checking my receipt. "Deer in meadow"...wait...Chargers Fleece, Plaid, Teal... I didn't get any fleece with deer. I looked closer and sure enough, half of Heidi's order was on my ticket. Somehow the ladies at the cut table mixed up their little scanner deals. Thankfully Heidi was walking across the parking lot so I waved her down and explained what happened. We marched back inside and demanded it be fixed. OK OK.. we didn't do it quite like that. We politely explained the situation to the sales clerks and they graciously fixed our receipts. I ended up paying $40 less than my original bill. Awesome!

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Penny said...

ROTFL....I love it! And chances are, the ONLY thing Jared thinks about when using 'the other blanket' is keeping warm because he doesn't have YOU there to!

He'll love the replacement that you make him. And he'll understand if the 'dog' accidently got ahold of his 'other' one ;)