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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Blues

Ever feel like you can't get anything right? That's me right now. Work, friendships.. I seem to be messing things up right and left. Especially work. It feels like I get talked to for stupid things.. all.the.time. Most of the things are not my fault but other things I open my mouth and instantly it makes things worse. How is this possible? Some days I really question if I am cut out for that job. I love it and I enjoying working with most everyone there but it has been so frustrating lately. I'm doing my best to hang on but some days I really feel like I am sinking.

The most I can do for now is hold onto my faith and keep pressing on. easier said than done on most days.


Melissa Ansley said...

Don't worry, I feel like that ALL the time. As does everyone I think. One day while on the bus I was worrying about stuff for that day, and then stopped. I wondered, "Everyone on this bus looks like they're just goin' to work, no problem. But I bet they've got the same exact thoughts I've got right now...how will I get through this thing today? If so and so says one more things to me I'm gonna...Hopefully I'll do something RIGHT at work today..."

Shannon, you rock. You belong there.

Plus, I got your card today (just another reason you rock). Thanks!

Penny said...

Sis, mom's gonna talk. Take it for what it's worth, ok?
You've been working alot of OT. You've been getting ready for the holidays. You've been making cakes for various functions. You've been there for friends that have been going through a a hard time over the loss of a loved one.
You're burning out honey. You need to take some vacation days and have some YOU time. You were cut out for this job, but now things are piling up. Take some days, have some quiet time with the Lord, and get refreshed. No obligations during this time except for the things you WANT to do. When you go back to work, you'll no longer be in the 'valley'. I love you.

Jessica said...

I agree with Mama Penny. Life gets crazy and we tend to take the weight of the world on our shoulders, sometimes without even realizing it. Keep your chin up, kid. You got lots of us that love you.