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Monday, December 28, 2009

Four Christmases

No,not the movie. Four actual Christmases! Well, 5 if you count the little one Jared and I did with just us. Thankfully each little Christmas was done on a different day.
Christmas #1: December 23. Dinner w/Jared and his friends.

I thought I was done w/ the whole "meeting my peeps" thing but I was mistaken. We had dinner with Jared's friends Amber,her parents Holly and Eddie, and Kyle and Greg. We had homemade Tamales, Refried Beans and Rice. I pretty much died and went to mexican food heaven! Have you ever had homemade refried beans? Holy Toledo that is some good eating! There are no words to describe those Tamales.. ohh my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

Jared's friends were super nice and made me feel welcomed. I won't lie, I was nervous. These are people that have been in Jared's life for years and know everything about him. Their opinion matters. It was a really fun night and I think I passed the test.

Christmas #1.5: December 24. The LaTour's

I had a special gift for my best friend and her family so I went upto their house Christmas Eve morning to drop it off. We had a good time hanging out in our jammies and chatting over coffee. Man, I love this family!

Christmas #2: December 24. Appetizers @ Grandma Loretta's HouseAfter the Christmas Eve service at church we headed to Jared's Granmda's house. I haven't had the chance to get to know the Moon side of the family really. It was nice to hang out with them and chat for a while. It was a relaxed evening with appetizers, plenty of joking around and some really beautiful Christmas Trees! Jared's Grandma had a tree in each room of her house. Well, except the bathroom.. I don't know that for sure because I didn't go in there during our visit. I am a little jealous of those trees. Some day I will have a house where I have little trees in different rooms, alldifferent themes. jared's second cousin, Amy, was the youngest there and she tore into those gifts like they were on fire. It was adorable. She was so excited and I loved watching her eyes light up when she opened her little sewing machine.

Christmas #3: December 25. Lunch at Uncle Pete's House.

We cruised up to Encinitas to join Lynn's side of the family at Pete's house. There were about a million kinds of cookies and goodies on the table. I know what you are thinking though..Shannon got her baking on. But, I DIDN'T DO IT! It was Lynn.. she did it! Somehow I managed to make only two desserts. It's a miracle, I know. There were appetizers, cookies, brownies, and sandwhich fixings. Sooo yummy! Jared's cousin, Kasey, put on a little show for us. She played a few songs on her piano then sang a couple. She started singing "Silent Night". The words hit her and she was moved to tears. Heck, I was moved to tears. The first Christmas without their grandpa.. It was tough for allof them. It was a beautiful day though. To top it off, the Chargers had a BIG win and it doesn't get much better than that!

Christmas #3.5: Just us at my house.

We exchanged gifts at my place that night and just hung out for a bit. I got a BEAUTIFUL heart necklace and I love it! I willprobably never take it off. It was a great way to end the day.. together, watching TV and just relaxing.

Christmas #4: December 26. My Parent's House.

My family is used to adjusting our schedules and celebrating holidays when everyone can be
together. We decided to have a Christmas breakfast and it turned out delicious!! Jimmy got there super early and started working on the french toast, Brian made his amazing sausage Gravy and biscuits and I made an Egg dish that I got from my best friends mom. It is so good.. I am craving it again. I may have to fire some up when I am done with this blog!

Of course there were a ton of gifts and the kids were being held at bay until after breakfast. When we finally unleashed them it was like a feeding frenzy of little sharks. If you were smart you would stay out of the way. Wouldn't want to lose a limb on Christmas!

All of us adult were anxiously awaiting the announcement of what gender Brian and Katie's baby is. My mom's reaction was priceless:

All in all it was an amazing holiday weekend. I had the best time at every event.I know most of you think I am crazy for saying this.. but can it be Christmas 2010 already? Here's Why:

1) Christmas decor is already up
2) SOOO much good food!
3) Many christmas celebrations with everyone I LOVE!
4) The new baby will be here
5) I am sooo happy right now, I don't want this feeling to end!

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