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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finally.. Success!

Now, we all know that I have cooking issues while in the presence of Jared. I just can't figure it out! He doesn't make me nervous so why all the charbroiled food???

Last night I finally kicked out the elephant in the room. My Chicken Tortilla Soup was fabulous. Like REALLY good. Stupendous and down right yummy. Yes, I did just say that about my own cooking. I am that confident in my soup making skills.

Only one near miss when I was helping Jared make Flan. I was stirring the sugar on the stove while trying to read something in my candy making book when I nearly pulled the pan off the stove. Thanks to Jared and his cat-like reflexes I was saved from some serious burns.

Here's the soup recipe. Bear with me though, I don't cook with recipes very often and I rarely measure things out. :)

32oz Chicken Broth
1.5 lbs Chicken Breast, cooked and shredded or chopped (add more or use less chicken if you like)
14.5 oz Can Corn
14.5 can Diced Tomatoes
8oz can Tomato Sauce
15 oz can Black Beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 C Onion, chopped
Chipotle Peppers in adobe sauce( in the same aisle as green chilis, salsa etc)
4 cups water
Chili Powder

Sour Cream
Tortilla Chips

Pour Chicken Broth, Tomato Sauce, Water, Corn (with juice), Diced Tomatoes, Black Beans, Chicken, Onion into a crock pot.

Take one Chipotle pepper out of the can, slice it in half and remove the seeds. Chop up the pepper and add it to the crock pot. ** A note about the Chipotle Peppers.. they have some serious kick to them. The most I have ever used is 2 and it was pretty spicey. One seems to be just enough but add a second at your discretion**

Add in the seasonings as you like them. I use approx 1 teaspoon each of Cumin and Chili Powder and just a sprinkle of pepper and oregano. Add cilantro to your taste. It can be a tad on the strong side so I only chop up about 1/8 of a cup.

Let it cook in the crock pot on high for 4-5 hours. Top with crushed tortilla chips, cheese, avacado and sour cream.



Anonymous said...

I am so making this for Scott next week :) Good job girl...see you sunday! Abby

DrillSGT said...

Abby you kiss ass!

Shannon I want it with Turkey! :) I'll try to give it a running with my soup next week!