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Thursday, October 8, 2009


While I was reading a friend's blog today, I realized I have never explained the "Praying for Matthew's Future" link on my blog page. I will stick to the basics and post a link to the blog so you can read for yourself.

I met Lori at good ole Ramona High. We were in Play Productions together our senior year. She's super funny, a talented actress, a strong christian woman and a down to earth person. Though we aren't super close, I still consider us friends.

In February of this year Lori and her husband, Troy, adopted a little boy named Matthew. There have been some unexpected twists and turns in their adoption case. For instance, the biological father showing up the day Matthew was born and wanting custody. They currently have custody of Matthew but have a long road of court dates ahead of them.

Lori and Troy trust in the Lord and know His will is being done. They want what is best for Matthew.. even if that means they have to give up custody. They are asking that their friends and family join together and pray for Matthew's future.

It amazes me that they are asking for such a selfless thing. They are not asking that everyone prays they get custody or that the biological father would mysteriously vanish or that these circumstances would just go away. Their focus is on Matthew and what is best for him, no matter what happens. Lori and Troy have demonstrated more strength, grace, and compassion than I have ever seen.

So to all 6 people that read my blog, please join me in Praying for Matthew's Future. There are many court dates etc coming up and I know they will appreciate the prayers. Check out her blog and read Matthew"s Story.

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