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Friday, October 2, 2009

I Can See the Light...

January 24th marked the beginning of this weight loss hell journey. Now, as of October 2nd I am down 34 pounds. I have only 16 more to loose to meet my 50 pound goal. The goal is within my reach. I can almost taste it. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible. Some days I feel like I am barely hanging on and I am not going to make it but most days I have enough determination to get me through.

I've been warned by my Drill Sgt. that he will be cracking down on me even more when I am on my last 10 pounds. I was informed of this via text this morning. It read: "Intense Cardio 7 days a week. No Sugar..Gallon of water a day. 5 Healthy meals and limited salt intake."

Let's break this down..

1) Intense Cardio 7 days a week?.. That screams sore muscles and potentiall some whining.

2) No Sugar? Ahh man, it's the holiday season! I'm gonna be surrounded by sweets and holiday yumminess.

3) Gallon of water? Sounds like a lot but I drink a lot of water already. I only need to increase it by 16 oz.

4) 5 Healthy meals? Thank God! I'm eating 6-7 times a day right now.. can't wait to eat less often

5) Limited salt intake? Easily done. I don't add salt to anything and I always check sodium content in the things I eat.

What scares me the most is that he asked if my gym allows people to try it out for free. He has also implied he may just "show up" while I am working out. If he's there during my workout would someone please have an ambulance waiting outside to take me to the hospital? I have a feeling he will work me harder than I have ever worked in my life. This is me @ Jessica's baby shower last November

This is me today.. In the same shirt just so we could see the difference..But I had to tie it back with a hair tie because it is too big now. Not the best picture in the world but oh well :)

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