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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Great Stocking Scandal

OK well it wasn't great and it wasn't so much a "scandal" as it was a theft. You see, Fed Ex delivered a package to my apartment but I wasn't home. Instead of leaving a notice saying when they would try again, they left it outside of my door. Overnight.

The next morning my neighbor asked if I got the package and I said no.

Long story short, no one in the complex knew where it was. I made many phone calls to Fed Ex and Personalcreations.com. Fed Ex was no help. I basically got a "well our driver said they delivered it". End of story. Personal Creations re-made the order for free and shipped them immediately.

I got them about 5 days later. So here are the stockings that I ordered for me and "the boy". They turned out adorable, in my opinion.

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