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Friday, December 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Coupons

OK, so I am beginning to think I should change the name of this segment to Thankful Fridays. But it doesn't have the same ring to it. Oh well. I am going to use the "it is the holidays and I've been working alot'" excuse. Ignore the fact that I was off of work yesterday. I will get better at this. Or so I keep saying,

I really love the internet and the many things it has to offer. I.E. Printable coupons/Coupon codes. I am not a huge online shopper but I do utilize it during the holidays and when I simply can't find anything in a store. I don't care if it is a 10%, 20%, 50% off coupon. If can use it for something I am going to buy, I will. A dollar savings is a dollar savings. Especially in this economy. I do not, however, buy something simply because I have a coupon for it. If I don't need or want the item I am pretty good about passing it up.

I wish I could use more coupons while grocery shopping. I look through the adds and all of the coupon things that come out in the Sunday paper but I just don't see a whole lot of coupons that are useful to me. Once I have kids the diapers/wipes/baby gear coupons will be very useful. Too bad they expire. I'd start collecting now if I could. Then there are the "buy 2 get $0.75 off" coupons. Do I really need two boxes of that particular product? Probably not. Afterall, it is just little ole me at home right now.

I love Costco and Kohl's coupons the most. With Kohl's you can use thyeir coupons on absolutely everything in the store. Sale/Clearance/Regular. Love it. Especially when you find a really cute shirt on the clearance rack for $6 and you have a 15% off coupon. Can't beat that! Costco coupons always have something to offer. Water, Vitamin Water,Trail Mix, Clorox/Lysol wipes. Also some smoking hot deals on electronics.

Yeah, I'm a coupon girl and I'm not afraid to admit it. Now I'm off to Bath & Body Works and Barnes & Noble to finish up Christmas Shopping. Coupons in hand, of course.

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