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Monday, December 27, 2010

Our First House

Our First Gingerbread House that is.

We bought a pre-made Gingerbread House at Michael's. We thought we would give it a whirl. I can't recall ever making a real Gingerbread House. You know, the kind actually made out of gingerbread pieces, not Graham  Crackers?

Little did we know, it is a long process. After you make the icing, you "paste" the 4 walls together you have to let it dry For one hour. Uh really? After that it dry you "oaste" on the roof. You have to let that dry for two to three hours. Thankfully we had some movies to watch while we waited for it to dry.

We both decorated one side. I say his side looks better, he says my side looks better. So I said I would leave it up to you all to decide. I won't post whose side it is in this blog but I will let you know whose was voted the best. So what do you think? Side A or B? Leave a comment w/ your vote.

Side A:

Side B:

Here's The front of the house. We both worked on it.


Michelle said...

I like side A better because it has windows and everthing, but they both look great! We've made those before, the pasting side is a pain but the rest is fun! :) Great job Shannon and Jared!

Melissa Renner said...

cuuuute! I can't decide... but I think I know who's is who's. It's a TIE!!!! Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

Side A