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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Here's a story for you...

There was a 69 year old man helping out a friend. They were doing manly handyman type stuff when something fell and hit this man's hand. The object cut his thumb to the bone and he passed out, hitting his head along the way. When he came to he got light headed and passed out again. His friend immediately called 911.

In the ambulance the man complained of "heart burn" and to his surprise the paramedic told him he was having a heart attack. This was shocking news for the man because he's never had any type of heart problem. He was taken into surgery shortly after arriving at the hospital. They did angioplasty and put in a stint and he is on his way to recovery.

You see, had he not cut his thumb, his adrenaline wouldn't have elevated and his blood wouldn't have hit the blockage in his heart in such a way and cause a mild heart attack. This man would have been walking around ,unknowingly, with a blockage in his heart. The blockage would have continued to grow and he would have had a major heart attack. He drives for a living and lives alone. It could have happened anywhere. He couldv'e had it while he was home alone or on the road and cause an accident. But someOne was looking out for this man.

If you ever wonder if there is a God. Or if there's someone out there that really loves you unconditionally and cares about every.single.detail. of your life... stop wondering. This story proves there is a God. Nothing is coincidence. Nothing happens by "chance" or "fate". God knows every detail of our lives. He knows where we are at all times. I can hear some of the nay-sayers out there saying "well if God really loved this man he wouldn't have allowed something as bad a heart attack happen to him". How about you change that around. If God hadn't been there, this man wouldv'e had a major heart attack. He might have had major damage or even died. Bad things happen in this world because Adam and Eve brought sin into the world by eating the forbidden apple. God gives us free will and we choose what path to follow. There's more to it than all of this but I am by no means a theologian.

What I know with 100% of my heart is that this man is alive because God was watching out for him. God loves him. God knew what was going on inside this man's body and intervened. You may wonder who this man is and where I heard this story. It happened yesterday and I heard the details of it today because this man is my uncle.

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