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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baking GALS

I know I've mentioned Operation Baking GALS a few time. Like here and here. I can assure you there will be more posts. So I hope you like them.

We are currently at the beginning stages of the Christmas Round. Packages start getting shipped tomorrow. There are 26 teams this round. Meaning 26 men/women (and their co-workers) will be getting packages from all over the United States. Because I was bored, I counted how many people were signed up for this round so far.

(Drum Roll Please)


Isn't that incredible? That's not even counting the people that are also baking but just not signed up on the website. I know a few of my team members have enlisted some of their friends to help but they are not signed up on the website. I am just amazed with how many people have gotten involved.

"Operation Christmas Blessing" is going pretty good. This week I will be getting the letters/pictures made by some kidlets around san diego county. People at work at slowly starting to bring in things for the stockings. The stockings are decorated and waiting to be filled. I think it will be pretty neat to see the end result.

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