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Friday, November 12, 2010

Operation Christmas Blessing

I was thinking... What would it be like to be thousands of miles away from your family and friends, in a desert, wearing the same tan cammos everyday, no Christmas tree, no Christmas Music, no Christmas Lights, no Stockings, no Christmas cheer? If you ask me it would be pretty bleak, a little depressing and creating a whole lot of homesickness.

I was thinking some more (scary, I know)... Why don't I get a bunch of people to write out Christmas Cards, donate items for stockings and have kids write some notes. Easy, right? I hope so.

I have been involved with Baking GALS for a little over a year now. These last few months we have been sending packages to Jared's brother, Matt. He is on his third tour and is in Afghanistan this time around. His unit will be there through all of the holidays.

My hope and plan is to send filled stockings to each of the 15 people I have names for in his unit. I have asked a few people if their child's class can write cards/ letters, I will be putting out a box of christmas cards at work for people to write out, I've asked a few others to put boxes of Christmas cards out at their work places, I will be asking the owners of Ramona Fitness if I can put out some cards there for members to write and I plan on putting a donation box out at work so people can donate items for the stockings , if they want. My hope is to bombard them with Christmas Love, to bring joy to the desert region and a smile to their faces.

So, my dear readers, can you help? Would you be willing to have your kids color a picture or make a card? Will you write a Christmas card to one of these people? Are you able to donate a couple travel size containers of hand sanitizer or lotion or chapstick? Let me know!

If you don't live local, you are welcome to ship items to me and I will package them up and ship them out.

Donation ideas;
Costco Trailmix (they sell the indiviual serving packets... they are perfect!)
Instand Coffee
Hand Sanitizer
Wet Wipes
Hard Candy (hey maybe a box of candy canes?)
Pez (who doesnt get pez in their stocking at christmas?)
Power Bars/protein bars
Chex Mix
Homemade snacks
Beef Jerkey
Turkey Jerky
 and anything else you might be able to think of. :)

1 comment:

Sarah G said...

Hey Shannon! I signed up for a past round with you for Matt and just signed up for Round 26. I know my mom and I are both planning to send boxes to him and I will do my best to get some of my readers to do the same. I'll email out with a total box count when it gets closer. Thanks for organizing!