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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin Carving and Baking Day

My family has started a few traditions over the years. After our annual trip to Bates Nut Farm we gather at one of our homes to carve pumpkins and make a bunch of goodies that aren't all together good for us but very VERY tasty!
Somehow the boys and kids end up outside carving while the ladies take over the kitchen. This was a transition year. My niece, Alissa, is growing up way too fast and transitioned from carving with the kids to baking with the older ladies. She was tasked with a simple but delicious recipe we got from my bestie. Alissa seemed to love being in the kitchen with us. She went outside a few times to instruct her dad in how to carve her pumpkin then promptly came back in. I can't believe she will be a teenager next year. I'm officially old.

There's another little girl that will eventually join us in the kitchen but for now she seems pretty serious about pumpkin carving...

The guys and kids seemed to have a great time carving.The pumpkins turned out great as usual. And of course us ladies had a blast in the kitchen cooking away!

           We also had a little birthday celebration for my dad. Somehow the candles got reversed on the cake Jessica made but dad was a good sport about it. We got him a cd player for his car. he's pretty excited about it. Welcome to the 2000's dad! Now he can listen to the oldies in style.

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