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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Flyleaf Concert

I've been posting events out of order and that bugs the organized side of me but, oh well. :)

On October 22 Jared and I went to see one of our favorite bands at the House of Blues downtown. Jaredplayed a couple Flyleaf songs for me when we first started dating and I was instantly hooked. They have some pretty hardcore stuff but they also have some songs that maybe even my mom would like.

The concert was i.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. to say the least. You see, everyone in the band are Christians. They are open about their faith on stage and in their lyrics but they are not pushy about it. I love it. Lacey, the singer, is open about things she went through in her life and simply reminds everyone that each day is a gift and God loves us.

Now, forgive me for the poor quality of the pictures. Notes on the House of Blues websites, on the tickets and posted on the walls inside the venue say no cameras. Much to my dismay, I left my camera in the car so I wouldn't be tempted to break the "no camera" rule. Apparently I am the only one that adhered to said rule. People were taking pictures (with real cameras) the whole time. Lucky ducks! So I did what any normal, smart phone using, picture obsessed woman would do. I broke out my camera phone and snapped away. They may be poor quality but atleast I have some pictures!

The night was a lot of fun. We stood the whole time so that wasn't as much fun. Especially since we had walked around the Harvest Festival all day AND got to the House of Blues 1.5hrs before the concert started. I happened to be standing next to a woman who seemed more interested in what she was drinking than who she was bumping into and who was playing on stage. I grabbed a couple waters from the bar and returned to my spot next to her. As she was moving out of my way, her purse hit the Red Bull she was drinking and it spilled all over my jeans and feet. Nice. A while later she was drunkenly bopping around to the songs from the opening band when she , again, hit her drink and it proceeded to pour allover my new hoodie, shirt and my jeans (again). She giggled a "sorry" and went about her bopping. I was quite irritated but I tried to brush it off and avoid a bar fight.

Here are a couple songs for your listening pleasure. The videos are a little uhh different so ignore those. Just listen to the lyrics.

Lacey explained that she wrote this song for her little sister. You see, her mom was a single parent of 6 kids so you can imagine they probably didn't have very much one on one time.

Lacey intro'd this song by reminding everyone that we all have a part in this world. We are all made to do something. So no matter what, strive to do what we were meant to do. Hearing it live was unforgettable.

And Just for fun to show off some of their harder stuff... here's the song they wrote dedicated to Cassie Bernall who was killed in the 1999 shooting at Columbine High School. When she said "Yes" to the questions "Are you a christian", she was shot and killed.

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tiggz0r said...

So jealous! I saw that they were performing at the last minute and wanted to go but couldn't find a sitter. Oh well, glad that you guys had fun tho, I bet it was awesome!