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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bates Nut Farm

The Family made the annual trek to Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center on October 23. Much to our surprise it wasn't too terribly busy. It was cool and a little sprinkley at times but perfect for this fall activity.

This was TJ's first trip to Bates. He was pretty tired about half way through but tried his hardest to stay awake and look at everything.

The kids had a blast searching for their perfect pumpkins, navigating through the hay maze and petting the farm animals. Peyton and Alissa even got to hold a little bunny.

Every year we take the hay ride around the compound. It certainly isn't anything overly exciting but hey, it's tradition. As the family is getting bigger, the cars attached to the hay ride train seem to be getting smaller. Kids are having to sit on laps and the adults are pretty snug in their seats. Katie ended up having to sit on Brian's lap. Sad to say we may have to separate into two cars next year.
 It goes about the same every year.
Find the pumpkins first. The guys take care of carrying
the pumpkins (and apparently children) in the wheel barrows.
Pay for the Pumpkins and take them to the cars
 then check out the rest of the excitement.
 It is a super fun day.
 I love my family and our little traditions.

 I especially like having this guy with me:
The family feels complete with him there.

And I simply can't believe how big these kids are getting. My precious Nieces and Nephews..

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