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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Veterans Day!

I don't think many of us can quite understand the real sacrifices of our service men, women and families. It is a lifestyle I, personally, am not accustomed to. I've seen friends' husbands leave their 2 month old baby for 9 months. I've seen a little boy beyond sad that his dad has to "keep leaving" him. One day these babes will understand why their daddy had to leave for a while. Mothers and Fathers kiss their sons or daughters goodbye for an unknown amount of time. Girlfriends,Boyfriends,Wives, and Husbands put their relationships on hold for 9 months, a year... or longer. Your family can be moved all over the country or even to a foreign country. Sometimes those moves happen every year depending on position, promotions, needs of the government.

Those that serve see, experience, and remember things from their times of deployment that we couldn't even think of in our worst nightmares. They are in the most extreme weather conditions, eat food that closely resembles cardboard and sleep on the smallest of cots for months on end. This lifestyle is far from glamorous. It is difficult and challenging yet when asked, they tell us it is the most rewarding career they could have ever chosen.

On this Veterans Day I am thankful for all of those that have served and are currently serving our country. I am thankful that they are willing to go into war zones to keep myself, and those I love, safe.  I am thankful that their families serve right along with them without complaint. I am thankful I live in a country that remains free because of those that put their lives on the line everyday.

Sometimes "thank you" doesn't seem to be enough. Words, cards, baked goods, balloons and celebrations only begin to express how grateful we are for their selfless service.

To everyone who has served, are currently serving, have a family member who is (has) serving... Thank You.

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tiggz0r said...

Steve has been in and out A LOT this year. He reported to his new Submarine November 2009. We have done deployments before (up in WA and in 3 month stints) and now we are gearing up for a 6 month deployment VERY soon. He's going to miss Christmas and all of the kids' birthdays. Jacob, my 5 year old, talks to himself at night asking when his dad will be home and asking why he had to leave in the first place.(I had to pause for a few minutes after I typed that because I couldn't see through my tears.)
It's a hard life and I can't honestly say that if I knew it was going to be like this that I would have chosen this path. I DO know that I love my husband with all my being and I would stand by him no matter what he chose.
I am proud to me a Military Wife. I am proud of Husband and all those men and women that serve. They bless and protect us everyday.

Thank you for your prayers and your kind words. Some days it's all that keeps us pushing through hard times.