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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Pioneer Woman

The Pioneer Woman...
I love her.
She's cool.
I want to be her.

I don't even know where I heard about her for the first time. I've heard mention of her over the last year or so but didn't really know who or what she was. Was she a Betty Crocker type product that made you think there was a real person behind the title but there really isn't?(That's right, Betty Crocker isn't a real person... disappointing, I know) Or was she a real person somewhere in cyberland? Then a friend and fellow blogger briefly wrote about her here. So I followed the links she posted on her blog and that's when I fell in love.

Ree Drummond is The Pioneer Woman. She is funny ,witty and I just can't get enough of her blog. I can spend hours reading through all of the sections on her website. I think I am borderline obsessed. Recipes, the story of how her and her hubby met, homeschooling, her kids,home & garden, photography.. how she does it all, I will never know.

These days, if I am looking for a recipe I check her site first. Hopefully after Christmas I will be able to reference her cookbook (hint hint). This week is "pie week" on her food blog. Just when I thought I knew what pie yuumminess I was going to make for all of the Thanksgiving festivities, "Pie Week" happens. Now I will be spending the day before and the day of Thanksgiving making pies. Pie, Pies and more Pies. More Pie than all of our families can eat, combined. And you know what? They will be gooooooooddd. Oh I'm drooling just thinking about it!!!

Stay tuned for the sharing of these scrumdidlyumptious recipes. Or if you're impatient (like me), check out her website by clicking the link about. Happy Reading (and drooling)!


Debra LaTour said...

oh i know! i have been drooling over all her pies all week. i thought i knew what kind of pie i wanted to make too but now i don't know. doesn't that smores pie look sooo good! and her dreamy apply pie looked amazing! happy baking and drooling!

sarah g said...

Did you watch Throwdown last Wednesday? You can't go wrong with any of her food. My favorites are the chicken fried steak, bacon wrapped pineapple bites, bacon wrapped crackers (see a pattern here?), and mac n cheese. I'm actually making her buttered rolls in the skillet for Thanksgiving. They were a hit last year. She's just as nice in person as she seems to be on the internet!

Supercute said...

I love PW! I got her cookbook for my bday and even though a lot of stuff can be found on her site, it's still nice to have. I just made her pie crust recipe and it was so easy! I got 4 crust banged out in 20 minutes, so much easier than other pie crust recipes.

V said...

Here's another site to add to your obsession. http://annies-eats.com/