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Monday, November 1, 2010

Harvest Festival

This year was the first time I have ever been to the Harvest Festival. It is held annually at the Del Mar Fair grounds. Jared and I joined his mom, Lynn, and his Grandma, Loretta, for a day of shopping and taste testing.

Yes, thosw are suitcases you see behind Lynn and Loretta. Being the smart women they are, they take suitcases so they can cart around everything they buy. Jars/Bags/Goodies get a bit heavy in plastic shopping bags so they bring rolling suitcases. Smart I tell ya. Very Smart.

If you've ever been to the Del Mar fair and checked out the exhibit halls, you have experienced something similar to the Harvest Festical. One of the main differences that I noticed was the amount nof food booths. Sauces, Marinades, Olive Oils, Soups, Dips, Coffee, Cocoa, Bread. You name it and they probably had a booth for it and we probably tasted it.

By lunch time I was so full from samples I didn't even want to eat "real" food. I tell ya, it would be very easy to spend hundreds of dollars at this things. Every booth has something different and just as tasty to offer. Jared and I played it smart and took a certain amount of cash out of the bank and only used that to buy stuff. Our own little budget, if you will.

We were pretty wiped out by the end of the day but we walked away with some scrumptious dip and soup mixes. Can't wait until next year!

I thought I would share some of the websites of things we sampled.

http://www.hawaiiansauce.com/  Best teriyaki sauce I've EVER tasted!
http://www.allstarsdips.com/    Dips and more... so good!
http://www.debritochocolate.com/  amazing gourmet caramel apples! good gifts!
http://cheerstoyou.com/  coffee, cocoa, espresso mixed... mmmm mmmm good!
http://www.tresclassique.com/  balsamics, olive oils and the most amazing kahlua maple syrup!

There was so much more but I just can't remember all of them. You really should check it out next year. iI is $9 per ticket but you can usually find $2 off coupons online. Plus one ticket is good for all 3 days. Not too shabby!

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