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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cookies for a Cure

Last year I started baking my little heart out in efforts to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness. They were sent as far away as Redding , California. 22 dozen cookies were made and about $130 was raised.

This year I am participating in a few different walks. Organizations that touch my heart. Organizations that support some people I love in some of their life's trials.

This year I will be making cookies for :

A Puzzle Piece (sorry no picture)  They will be either red, blue or yellow and say "speak now" or personalized w/ a name.
Or Austism Ribbon Cookies:

(This is not a picture of the cookies I made, I forgot to take some. but they are similar)

Pink Ribbons that say "Love" "Strength" "Hope" or personalized w/ a name. :

Bra "Save the Tatas" Cookies similar to this:

Leukemia Lymphoma Society "Light the Night" Walk.
Cookies are Purple Ribbons

Balloons on a stick(sorry no picture) that are White "In Memory" or Purple "In Honor of" personalized cookies.
Cost: $10/Dozen

To Order:
1)Make your donation online using one of the links about (names of organizations are hyperlinked for your convenience)
2) Notify me via email (jcskiddo@hotmail.com), comment on this blog or call/text me. I need how many dozen you want and if personalized, what you want them to say.
3) Let me know when you want them so I can arrange a time to meet you.

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