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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Longhorns

Jared's nephew, Tyler, plays Pee Wee football. This year he is on the prestigious Lakeside Longhorns. He isn't very buff but they put him on the offensive line. He's a tackle or something. Don't ask me, I am not up on my football terminology. Regardless, the boys that usually play that position are usually bigger than Tyler is.

Jared and I have had the opportunity to go to some of the games this season. So far they've had a great season. I think they have only lost one or two games. Ty is #50 so we are constantly scanning the sidelines for a glimpse of our favorite player.

His little sister, Kailyn, is a cheerleader for the younger division but she has a great time cheering on her big brother.

I love being part of Jared's family. They remind me so much of my own amazing family. I have prayed for years for the family I would marry into and God has certainly blessed me in that area. I love having more nieces and nephews to spoil and dote on! The only hard part is having two nephews named Tyler.

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